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Program Management Even the best idea does not lead to desired results unless executed properly. Once programs are identified or designed, the firm will contract with appropriate resources for delivery. The ABOA Resource Directory is a link to the finest professionals in all areas of the public relations and marketing disciplines to bring the very best talent to the client.

Unlike traditionally structured multinational firms, our implementation team, which may include in-house client resources, is carefully selected and monitored by the firm's leadership. There is no obligation to use talent which may not be appropriate in pricing or skills set. The many years our senior practitioners have spent in their respective industries assures quality control, cost efficiency and results.

  • Development of 1- to 3-year PR plans
  • Placement of PR team
  • Ongoing counsel with client
  • Weekly/biweekly team meetings
  • Program monitoring and evaluation
  • Availability for crisis
  • On site major events
  • Review of all program materials:

Coordination of new creative sessions quarterly

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