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positioning program

The ABOA approach - Strategically integrating all appropriate communications disciplines to communicate clear positioning. Communicating sound, effective positioning serves to build and enhance reputation, which leads to a positive image, creating an environment of acceptance with target audiences for what the organization says and does.

Our approach is based upon being prepared. The foundation for developing sound strategies given the reality of circumstances (budget, tactical opportunities, timing, etc.), begins with research, identification of target audiences, and a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). This serves to identify those factors that will impact the operation and, to a large extent, drive the communications process. It also sets the stage for a consistent, comprehensive communications program.

From the planning, we develop a company’s positioning. Positioning defines how a company wants to be perceived by all of its audiences. Effective positioning, supported by tangible, believable accomplishments, creates a positive reputation for the company. To be effective, all marketing strategies, program elements and tactical execution of communications, must fall directly from the positioning. It must be the overriding theme that consistently is part of every decision effecting the company, both internally and externally. As a result, positioning becomes an ongoing management discipline.

How an organization is perceived, however, is not always accurate. "Information gaps" are often due to a lack of effective communication. Communications tools, such as collateral materials, a media kit and print advertisements, are the tactics by which a company can convey their key messages. Note: Not all tools are appropriate for every company. We choose the most appropriate and cost-effective tools based on the positioning, available resources and budgets.


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