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A. Brown-Olmstead Associates (ABOA) has been conducting marketing, positioning, and public relations work for TranSearch International Ltd., one of the largest locally owned executive search organizations in the world.

Founded in Europe in 1982, TranSearch is comprised of over 170 search consultants located in 42 countries around the globe, conducting executive searches from 64 offices in 30 languages. TranSearch has regional divisions in North America, Europe/ Middle East/Africa, Asia- Pacific, and Latin America.

ABOA has worked closely with its North American partners, to create a cohesive image and brand identity, and gain name awareness and recognition in their targeted markets. As part of this effort, ABOA developed several marketing tools, including:

  • Media kit development—ABOA developed a basic media package including standard releases which can be used by all offices for general positioning to back lead release campaigns. Its contents are:
    • TranSearch folder
    • Backgrounder on TranSearch
    • Feature release on TranSearch North America
    • Fact sheet on TranSearch
    • Shell for fact sheet by office
    • Partial client list by office and TranSearch globally
    • Format for biographies of local partners
    • Tip sheet of story ideas
    • Lead release
  • Master media list—ABOA tailored a master media list including national consumer and business media, trade industry press, and top media in each local partner office market.
  • PowerPoint presentation—We developed a PowerPoint presentation that highlights the benefits of the TranSearch organization, to provide each office with a consistent look and make sure each are delivering the same key messages. The purpose of the presentation was twofold: one, it is an internal marketing tool to promote the TranSearch organization among member firms; two, partners can incorporate the presentation into new business presentations, and go a long way to unify and clarify the key benefits TranSearch can provide clients.
  • Standard TranSearch speech—We developed a 15 minute manuscript speech that any TranSearch executive can deliver to appropriate business organizations. The speech not only helps clarify the TranSearch story, but it assures that representation in each market is consistent. The top speech writer in this part of the country tackled the project. He has written speeches for the late Roberto Goizueta of the Coca-Cola Company and Duane Ackerman of BellSouth among many others.
  • Media audit of key national and local media — ABOA conducted an audit of key media to determine awareness of and general interest in the TranSearch story, as well as which issues and trends interested the media.
  • General counsel — ABOA has also provided a sounding board for partners on issues pertaining to media relations, public affairs and general marketing.
  • Ongoing Media Relations — ABOA has written press releases on TranSearch’s worldwide activities as well as local developments. Has included the following:
  • Case Studies — ABOA developed case studies that highlight how the organization solved problems and attained results for clients. As an internal marketing tool, case studies are a great example of the of the worldwide resources that each member has access to, and the potential business to be gained by fully realizing this potential. Externally, the case studies are a great way of showing clients the benefits of the local partner’s affiliation with TranSearch. Not to mention its value in attracting new clients.
  • CEO Survey — ABOA developed a survey for the North American partners to give to CEOs. The purpose was to create a newsworthy press release which would increase awareness of TranSearch and associate the group with understanding CEO issues. The press release was sent out to national business media, trade press, and select local market media.
  • Script for receptionists — ABOA wrote a script for receptionists at local partner firms, to answer questions as to what TranSearch was and its relationship with the local firm. This ensured delivery of consistent and effective messages about TranSearch.

Newsletter & by-line article writing — ABOA has written several article for the TranSearch worldwide newsletter as well as for local partner newsletters. Additionally, ABOA has written by-line articles for partner firms for use in local business publications.

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