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Why ABOA? Strategic planning skills
Throughout the 33-year history of A. Brown-Olmstead Associates, more than 1,000 plans have been developed and executed on behalf of clients.

An established brand
As one of the pioneers in the industry, Amanda Brown-Olmstead has worked with more than 800 clients in the 33-year history of the firm. Active participation within the community and industry has supported name recognition, reputation, and market share. Senior relationships are used to assist the client with an understanding of environments and to provide networking opportunities as appropriate.

Pinnacle World Wide provides reach

Commitment to Atlanta and the Southeast
Hands-on program development and its execution throughout the Southeast is a well-known characteristic of A. Brown-Olmstead Associates to whom Silver Anvils and many other awards have been given.

Recognized for innovation in the industry
Featured as "one of six hot agencies to watch" and for innovation in the industry by Inside PR, management has placed a high priority on industry trends in order to assure fresh thinking for the development of new skills and creative program development.

Industry leadership
Active in professional organizations, ABOA has taken a leadership role in many areas to assure increased quality and standardization within the public relations industry. Amanda Brown-Olmstead served the Counselors Academy, which represents agency executives throughout the US. and Canada, for 8 years on its board and as its chair in 1985.

Innovation is the culture
By the late '70s, A. Brown-Olmstead Associates was the only public relations firm in the Atlanta market with a full in-house art department. The agency was the first in the Atlanta market in the early '80s to establish a complete PC network in order to provide the most innovative technology to client program application. Our interactive studio launched in '92 quickly provided interactive media kits and client promotion on the Internet.

Diverse client experience
While our programming and execution skills are of benefit to each client we serve, it is our diversity of clients and programs that provide a broad base of knowledge useful in program planning, crisis management, measurable marketing activity, and senior counsel.

Local to international experience
Understanding the neighborhood and the importance of personal interaction is important, but so is the ability to understand the nuances in program application on a global scale. The firm's experience covers the full spectrum of program application.

Results oriented
Quickly embracing the slogan "We measure our success by that of our clients" in 1973, ABOA feels that no communications activities are appropriate unless they directly address the objectives and measurable goals of the client.

It is with these skills and talents that the A. Brown-Olmstead Associates team is ready to work for you.

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