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the beginning On June 1, 1972, Amanda Brown-Olmstead founded a full-service public relations firm to serve clients in the Southeast. Before long, her firm had grown to be the largest independent organization of its type in the Atlanta market, with client services spanning local to international programs. It is with this broad background and familiarity with the industry that the new A. Brown-Olmstead Associates (ABOA) was launched in 1996.
the future With a huge shift from media relations to all new forms of social media the firm continues to provide strategic planning, research, and persuasive communications driven by microtechnology.

We assist organizations position their reputation in the marketplace, advising management with policy decisions and communications demands for stakeholders, and providing vision and innovative programming for the marketing of products and services.

ABOA provides the best of senior thinking to guide management through the overwhelming burden of this complex information age. New communications skills and techniques are used to embrace fresh opportunities to better support business decisions and revenue enhancement.

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