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Industry Environment

Factors influencing integration of communications skills and business include:

Revolution in microtechnology.
As we "cross over" to everyday application of integrated technology in both our homes and businesses, society has changed so drastically that the way we acquire information has a dramatic effect on our lifestyle. By embracing change in applying the most effective systems in this new forum, the most aggressive companies will lead the 21st Century.

Term public relations misused.
Unfortunately, the label for our industry has become tainted with misperceptions about the integrity and purpose of the communications process. The next generation will more appropriately use terms such as reputation management and persuasive communications.

Professional skills underutilized.
Due largely to the strong marketing-driven public relations programs in the past, many clients see the process as the delivery of tactics rather than for the important role our industry plays in leading management through the communications process and message content development.

Communications content the key.
The hardware and software is in place to carefully define audiences and provide direct delivery of messages. It is the content, however, in assuring the verbal translation for all targets that is key to the success of new media applications. We feel our industry is ideally suited to offer counsel on message delivery as our programs are based on integrated communications.

Research role growing.
Research has always been the first step of intelligent program planning and delivery. However, in the past costs have forced many programs to skip the vital research step in the communications process. Today technology allows such efficient access to data that a program planned and executed without research is inexcusable.

Developing byte size messages.
With information overflow and speed of technology influencing message delivery, the need for clear-cut, powerful messages is mandatory.

Focus on the CEO.
As business news has become entertainment and in times of economic crisis, the role of the CEO has escalated significantly. The personality, public speaking skills, media interview finesse, and importance of personal style in developing corporate culture have been elevated in importance. The CEO and senior management need strategic communications counsel in order to craft and deliver their vision to all stakeholders.

Policy and issues management play a role.
Decisions made each day in business have a profound outcome on the future of any organization. Showcased by media, reputation issues are influenced by policy decision and must be monitored.

Public affairs activities unavoidable.

Green economy provides opportunity.

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